Scandimoot offers one of the best opportunities you will find in the UK to learn tunes and dances from Scandinavian teachers. Each year we pick exceptional music and dance teachers from Norway and Sweden to come to this small, intimate event in Yorkshire. With such intensive work the standard of both your music and your dancing rapidly improves.


*Scandimoot 2018*

will take place between Friday May 4th and Monday May 7th

in Clapham & Settle, North Yorkshire

Watch this space for more information as the arrangements progress.

We'll also be posting updates on FaceBook.



!Extra Concert Monday 1st May!

 Melling Institute 8pm (doors 7.30)

Hans & Rasmus Kjorstad and Maja Bugge

For anyone still in the area on the Monday evening after the main Scandimoot events have finished, this promises to be an exciting collaboration between Hans & Rasmus Kjorstad and local musician Maja Bugge.

Entry is £8 full, £6 conc with under-12s free. Payment will be on-the-door and places can be reserved via or 07527 508340.

Melling is a Lancashire village situated between Lancaster and Clapham.


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The Springleik music & dance


       This year Vegar & Mette Vårdal will be teaching one of the variations of the Springleik from Gudbrandsdalen.  These are springy turning couple dances with several different 'turns’. Rasmus & Hans Kjorstad will be teaching the music that accompanies those dances. See below for a more detailed description from the tutors.


The tune structure:

       The Gudbrandsdal springleiks are short, 2/3 of them consisting of 2 parts each of 8 bars, with the remainder being of varying length with up to 4 parts of 3 to 12 bars each. In most of the tunes, the motif falls in the first 4 bars and is then repeated with an end phrase, that whole part being played over again before moving on to the next part. The whole tune is most often played through twice.

The tune rhythm & the dance:

       The Springleik in Gudbrandsdalen has always been one of the best preserved country district dances in Norway, thanks to a long and living tradition both in music and dance. The rhythm is different from that which we find in newer three-beat dances such as the Mazurka and Waltz. In the Springleik one of the beats is a little shorter than the others and here in Gudbrandsdalen it is the first beat which is the shortest. The second beat is drawn out somewhat, how much depending on where you are in Gudbrandsdalen. You see this long second beat also in the dance where particularly the man lengthens the step on this beat and in the round turn the dancers emphasise the second beat. Nowadays it is Lom which has the most asymmetric rhythm, the Springleik with the longest second beat. The further northwest you go in Gudbrandsdalen, the more even the Springleik rhythm becomes as the dance starts to resemble the Vestlands Springar which is completely even. The further down the valley you go, the more symmetrical the rhythm becomes but with more emphasis on the first beat as in Mazurka, until, leaving Gudbrandsdalen and arriving at Land in Hadeland, both the rhythm and dance of the Springleik and Mazurka are almost the same.

       The first film, from Norsk Filmsentral made in partnership with Noregs Ungdomslag, shows the differences that exist both in music and dance in North Gudbrandsdalen, firstly Vågå, then Lom, then Sjåk. The second clip shows Hans Ursanden from Vågå who really likes to enjoy himself on the dance floor.

       We like a Springleik that is full of energy, allowing us to play with both the music and the public. This is our goal: to play, to enjoy ourselves and to have fun on the dance floor, with our own partner, with all the other dancers and not least with the music.

     Springleik frå Gudbrandsdalen



!Bookings for Scandimoot 2018 are NOT open yet!

We now have a dedicated Scandimoot bank account, so please make cheques payable to 'Scandimoot'.

We can also provide bank details for you to be able to pay by direct online bank transfer.
Please contact Pat for details:
tel: +44 (0)1721 722539

Download the booking form from the link in the DOWNLOADS section.
Please complete a separate booking form for each person and post all booking forms and cheques to:
Phil Keen, 112 Aldrens Lane, Lancaster, LA1 2DT

you can alternatively scan the completed form(s) and email to:

NB: If you are paying direct into our bank account then we still need your booking forms!



** Please note, the 'Festival Ticket' covers ALL of the weekend's events including the evenings **

Support for Scandimoot


In 2017 we received financial support from:

  • The Friends of the Scandinavian Festival for the festival as a whole
  • Local Giving - matched funding for many generous donations
  • Jazz North - support for Maja Bugge at the Monday concert
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For further information

email Pat:

tel: +44 (0)1721 722539

or see our Facebook page


Download accommodation list
Download the Scandimoot 2017 programme
Download the Scandimoot 2017 booking form

General notes about teaching

Dance:   No previous experience of Scandinavian dance and no partner is needed but you do need to have had some dancing experience and be able to learn, by looking, listening and feeling - whichever works best for you.  The workshops  are progressive and not normally appropriate for anyone to drop in to.  There is usually one 'main' dance studied and other 'smaller' (ie quicker to learn dances).  You should aim to bring two pairs of shoes, one with a smooth sole and another a bit less smooth.  If you are new to polska, there will also be two workshops in beginner's polska (useful for the evening dances).

Music:  Teaching will generally be by ear although notation may be available in newcomers' groups. Audio and video recordings and notation will be made available after the weekend. The tutors will rotate between the groups.

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Venues & Accommodation

The main venue for the 2017 festival will again be Clapham village, 1.5 miles west of Austwick, a small but bustling village with pubs, cafés, pretty walks, and everywhere mentioned is within a few minutes’ walk.

The Friday and Saturday evening meals, all breakfasts, the Friday evening introduction, Saturday evening dance and all the dance workshops are at Clapham Village Hall.

The Sunday evening public concert will be held at Victoria Hall, Settle

All music workshops are at Ingleborough Hall. This is a few minutes’ walk - across a bridge and along the stream - from the dance hall, and has gorgeous grounds.

NB: Differing from previous years, the main evening concert will be held on Sunday in Settle.



Many people book their own, but please remember to do so in good time.

Please see the downloadable attachment for a full list.  We have already part-booked Clapham Bunk House (for you) and the Brook House B&B for our visiting artistes.


Bunk Barns.  


The Clapham Bunk House at Clapham Reading Room Café  has superior bunk beds in 2 large rooms, and one tiny room.   It has a little kitchen, showers, and a bar room which can be used after 7pm when the café/bar closes for the day.

Please get in touch with Pat if you would like to book a bed.  The cost is approx £16.50 per person per night and we will give priority on these spaces to people who will book for all 3 nights. 

See more about the Clapham Bunk House here:  Clapham Bunk


Camping within Clapham

  • camping field next to Clapham Barns with washing facilities and loo in adjacent car park and shower facilities at Ingleborough Hall;

    tap in field, self catering in village hall. This will cost £3.50 per night and will need to be booked through Scandimoot.

Campers with transport

There are a number of campsites, the nearest being:


Guest Houses and Hotels


There will be very reasonably priced meals available throughout the weekend, and we hope many people will choose to eat communally.


The nearest stations are Clapham (via Lancaster) and Settle (via Leeds).

We can arrange pick-ups from both these stations and there is also the possibility of lifts to or from Lancaster in the event of poor connections to Clapham or Settle.

For further information email Pat: • tel: +44 (0)1721 722539  or see our Facebook page